This commercial warranty is effective 2018/01/23

As well as the legal warranties, DUO USA, inc. offers a commercial warranty subject to the following terms and conditions:


1.1. The DUO USA, inc. commercial warranty, hereinafter referred to as the “Warranty”, covers manufacturing or product-quality defects, including defects in the materials and electronic and mechanical components, excluding defects caused by:

a. Improper use of the product or defective maintenance:

Defects caused by improper use, and in particular by using the products with parts other than those supplied by DUO USA, inc., by failure to comply with the assembly instructions, maintenance nstructions and warnings provided with the product, by modifications to the product that were not carried out by DUO USA, inc., and by failure to maintain the product, are not covered by the Warranty.

The Warranty does not cover damage due to misuse of transport products and solutions (such as the transporting of unsuitable objects or those weighing more than the recommendations provided by DUO USA, inc.), accidents, negligence, wear and tear due to friction or exposure to products which damage the materials (water, chemicals, solvents, etc.) or extreme temperatures.

b. Normal wear and tear:

The Warranty does not cover defects resulting from normal wear and tear of the products, including the accessories and mechanical and electronic components of the products.

c. Cases of force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances, acts by third parties or by the CLIENT:

The Warranty does not cover defects caused by (i) force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, including, in particular, natural disasters, fire, flood, explosion, electrical surge, storm, earthquake, armed conflict, war, attack, (ii) an act by a third party and/or (iii) an act by the CLIENT and/or by the CLIENT’s employees.

d. The graphics supplied by the CLIENT:

As specified in the general terms and conditions of sale, the CLIENT is solely responsible for the entire content and accuracy of the files sent to DUO USA, inc. for printing. Therefore the CLIENT must ensurethat it owns the rights to reproduce all the elements (photos, logos, images, character fonts, etc.) included in the files that it sends to DUO USA, inc. for printing. The CLIENT assumes full responsibility for damage caused to third parties by the use of elements protected by intellectual property rights. The CLIENT acknowledges being notified that the colours printed on the visual will potentially be different from those that appear on a computer screen or a paper printer. An electronic proof (E-PROOF) is submitted to the CLIENT for each file to be printed: it is therefore the CLIENT’s responsibility to approve or modify the file before the order is sent for production. Any error relating to the printed visual is the responsibility of the CLIENT and DUO USA, inc. cannot be held liable for errors relating to the file sent, including priority orders at the request of the CLIENT, for which the EPROOF is submitted to the CLIENT for information only.

1.2. The Warranty does not apply in the case of forgery, deliberate improper use or destruction.

1.3. The Warranty only covers new products and does not under any circumstances apply to loaned or second-hand products supplied by DUO USA, inc..

1.4. The Warranty does not apply to printed materials.


The Warranty comes into effect on the product delivery date. The delivery date is the day when the product is available and released from the DUO USA, inc. premises (EX-WORKS delivery).

The term of the Warranty, which varies by product, is determined as follows:

– 1-year warranty for the following products:


– 2-year warranty for the following products:


– 5-year warranty for the following products:


If a product is replaced or repaired under the Warranty, the Warranty term is not increased. The effective start date of the Warranty is still the day when the original product was delivered.


3.1. It is the CLIENT’s responsibility to provide all supporting documentation to prove the existence of the reported defects or anomalies. The CLIENT must give DUO USA, inc. every opportunity to observe these defects in order to correct them. The CLIENT will refrain from carrying out the corrections itself or having them carried out by a third party.

3.2. A claim can only be made under the Warranty after DUO USA, inc. has been able to verify that the product defect exists.

If the defect verified by DUO USA, inc. is covered by the Warranty, the product will be repaired or replaced, at the sole discretion of DUO USA, inc.

If applicable, the cost for returning the goods to DUO USA, inc. is the responsibility of the CLIENT. DUO USA, inc.’s costs for labour, processing and dispatching spare parts are the responsibility of DUO USA, inc.

If the defective merchandise cannot be returned, DUO USA, inc. will provide its CLIENTS with the spare parts and instructions necessary for repair. No payment will be made for any other type of compensation, penalty or damages.

3.3. DUO USA, inc. reserves the right to substitute, stop manufacturing or modify any product or part at any time, without notice. If a part or product is no longer available or manufactured, DUO USA, inc. will replace it with a part or product with equivalent features.

Claims should be sent to the Quality Department, or to the sales representative who sold the product in

question, using the following contact information:

– by telephone: (312) 421-7755

– by email:

– by post:

DUO USA, inc.

332 South Michigan Avenue,

Chicago, IL 60 604,


As for all contracts between DUO USA, inc. and its CLIENTS, the Warranty is governed by Amercian law.

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